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Opening phase 1 - January 2020

Minera Hot Springs Binh Chau

Welcome to Minera Hot Springs Binh Chau, Vietnam’s most dynamic nature and wellness destination.
Unearth unique, location-specific experiences—from exclusive activities to specialty suites—designed to immerse you in the soothing world of most unique bathing cultures. Relax in a haven of natural hot springs. Embark on invigorating forest hikes. Or recharge with our blissfully refreshing wellness treatments.
Located just 2 hours south-east of Ho Chi Minh City, Minera owns the only hot mineral springs in Southern Vietnam certified by FEMTEC - World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy - part of WHO. It is recognized as one of the best hydrothermal & thermo therapeutic methods for wellness.
Minera Hot Springs Binh Chau offers healthy, fun-filled escapes for all the family that can transform a regular getaway into a magical one.



Hot Springs Binh Chau

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Minera hot springs Binh Chau

2 hour-drive from Ho Chi Minh city

15 minutes to the beach

40 hectares of rainforest


0917 099 559

Immerse yourself with your loved ones into more than 50 unique and wonderful experiences

Minera Springs

Located on a spectacular 12-hectare site, Minera Springs offers our guests the perfect combination of adventure and disconnection in Southeast Asia. With more than 20 hot mineral bath services including Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot and Cold Sauna Treatments along with attractive culinary services, allow yourself the chance to reconnect with your inner self. Enjoyed by young and old alike, alone or with friends and family, visits to Minera Springs are defined by wonderful moments of stillness and a singular sense of bliss that will bring mind, body and soul into better balance.

Minera Forest

The stressful pace of life in today's society make reconnecting with nature even more valuable. Just a few steps from the hot springs lies the mystical Minera Forest. Bamboo bushes lead you through an enchanting journey as the vast green forest appears, dotted with fern trees along the way. A tranquil and hushed landscape awaits you in perfect harmony with the experience at Minera Hot Springs Binh Chau.

Minera Forest

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Fire Zone

Cắm trại khu 1: FAYA
Cắm trại khu 2: MAYA
Quảng trường : Lava Zone

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Cưỡi ngựa: FUN RIDE
Khu vui chơi trẻ em: LITTLE KINGDOM
Khu vườn đá : YIN YANG

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Minera Hot Springs Binh Chau

Highway 55, Commune Binh Chau, Xuyen Moc, Ba Ria, Vung Tau, Vietnam
+84 254 3871 131